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How To Save Energy And Money

March 6, 2015

How To Save Energy And Money - Home Improvement Retailing Magazine With the good weather finally here.  Canadians are once again purchasing or building new properties and/or renovating their existing homes. This is the ideal time to pay attention to a home’s energy efficiency and make energy saving changes where possible. Not only can consumers save electricity and natural gas, they can also realize significant cost savings. Energy optimizing chang...

Top 10 Renovations in Canada

January 14, 2015

Bathroom renovations were the No. 1 home fix in 2014, topping the list in five provinces, according to a survey by a national contractor referral website. The top 10, as listed by TrustedPros, were Bathrooms Basements Decks Roofs Kitchens Painting Floors Landscaping Windows Home additions   Bathrooms topped the renovation desires of people in Nova Scoti...

Contractors and "New Construction"

September 24, 2014

I ran over a construction cone today. I'm not especially proud of it -it just happened -and that's that. It got me thinking about construction and all the new projects we are seeing around town. As banks begin to loosen underwriting guidelines for equity lines and as home owners begin to see equity in their homes rise we see more and more construction projects. What's the first thing we do when our equity line of credit is approved? We upgrade the kitchen or bathroom! Contractors who had clos...

Fixer-uppers not for the faint-of-heart

September 23, 2014

HOME OWNERSHIP STRATEGIES Fixer-uppers not for the faint-of-heart GAIL JOHNSON ...

August eNews

August 8, 2014

Summer Projects Our summer months are here to enjoy and a great time catch up on any outdoor work that needs to be done. If you're landscaping, painting, putting in a fence, building a deck, putting in windows and doors or any project at all, we can help. Creating an outdoor space that is an extension of your home adds not only space, but value to your home. Click ...

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