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Shade products

Porch To Pier provides exceptional exterior sun shade solutions to customers throughout Parry Sound, including Muskoka and Georgian Bay. The shade solutions that we carry include commercial and home shades, screens, acrylic roofs and patio canopies that are designed to block the heat of the sun’s harmful UV rays while still providing visibility to the outside.
The most efficient way to block out the heat of the sun is from the outside before it has a chance to warm the window glass. Solar shades for windows and doors can effectively block the sun’s hot rays while still allowing you to have clear outside visibility.

Exterior sun shades are a wonderful investment in your home that pay for themselves throughout the years by reducing energy costs, boosting efficiency and protecting the furnishings in your home from the rays of the sun that cause fading over time.

Porch To Pier offers a vast selection of fully customizable shade products throughout Parry Sound, including canopies and solar shades for your home, as well as shade solutions for outdoor entertainment areas, including deck and outdoor shades.

The exterior shades that we carry are available in a wide spectrum of customized fabric options in a variety of colors, weaves and styles and glide along stainless steel rods, cables, or heavy-duty aluminum extruded tracks. We also carry motorized solar shades that are available with a variety of operating options, from joined units with common operators to separate operators, allowing you to adjust each shade separately.

Our acrylic roof systems provide an excellent shade solution and can be used for both commercial and/or residential purposes. Our roof systems are always custom built to fit the needs of your home addition or home improvement project, and all of the framing is crafted from sound, maintenance-free aluminum.

Pier To Porch also carries a wide range of screens to custom-fit any openings or windows that you have in your home or business in Muskoka and Georgian Bay. Screens are a wonderful complement to your structure and allow you to enjoy the breeze on pleasant days, while not having to worry about insects getting into your home.

The shade solutions offered by Porch To Pier are as vast as your imagination. For more information, call us at 705-746-8333, or stop in our Parry Sound store to allow us to show you a demonstration of our Solar Shade solutions.

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Shade products

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January 13, 2015