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Installing a deck, porch, or patio will naturally increase your home’s resale value, but such projects do little to improve its curb appeal. What good is having a high value home if you can’t get any buyers interested?


Instead of choosing to pursue such expensive projects, perhaps you should consider installing new entry doors on your home. It’s a smaller home improvement that will get more potentials buyers to consider your home. In fact, replacing front doors can increase home values so much that they ultimately pay for themselves, according to the annual Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine.

Though it’s a relatively easy project, it’s not as simple as going to your local hardware store, picking up new doors, and installing them. There are several different styles of doors that all come in a variety of material, many of which may clash with your home’s style.

However, since functionality is the single most important purpose of a door, you should base your decision on the type of material used in the door’s construction. To help you make an informed choice, here are some of their most common kinds of materials.

Wood doors are extremely popular not only because they’re so aesthetically pleasing, but also because the way they’re constructed minimizes the likelihood that they’ll warp, which lowers their cost. That being said, wood isn’t as durable as other materials. Moisture can cause it to rot and warp, while the sun could also wear wooden doors out, too. If you do consider going with wood, make sure it’s thick.

Steel doors are a popular alternative to wooden doors since they require less maintenance and are more durable. If there’s ever any damage, you can easily repair it with an auto-body repair kit. Plus, they’re highly energy efficient, which can cut your energy bills down to size. However, steel isn’t entirely weather proof, as it can rust. If you live in an area with high precipitation or extreme temperatures, you might not want to consider steel.

Fiberglass-composite doors are quickly growing in popularity because they look like wood, but are more durable and energy efficient. However, since they’re so high quality, they often come with a steep price tag.

Regardless of whether you choose wood, steel, or fiberglass, know that you’re making a smart decision. Replacing your front door will not only increase your home’s value, but also get buyers interested by increasing your home’s curb appeal. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.