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Few things bring out the rustic charm of a country cottage like rustic pine flooring.

Whether you are building new cottage or cabin for the first time, or remodelling an existing structure and wish to maintain its original character, we have an exciting option that allows you to enjoy that traditional look, while offering modern convenience during installation.

Porch to Pier is pleased to bring Rustic Pine Flooring™ brand by Horizon Coatings to Parry Sound and the Georgian Bay area.  Rustic Pine Flooring™ is a pre-finished, easy-to-use wide plank flooring product.

This beautiful, locally crafted flooring is constructed from carefully selected ¾ inch Red Pine boards.  This species of pine has a well-defined grain with large knots, giving it a lovely character and a traditional, aged look and feel.

While red pine is more resistant to dents then white pine, as a flooring it can still show marks more than laminate or even some hard woods, although this is arguably a benefit, if you are looking for a more rustic character in your flooring.  And no UV inhibitors are used in the treatment, so the flooring will continue to age and the coating will mellow over time, adding to its natural character.

Multiple coats of finish are applied to the boards, so they will be durable for many years to come.  Rustic Pine Flooring™ is available in a variety of widths:  5-1/4”, 7-1/4”, or 9 ¼”, with the option of ordering all in one size, or in multiple widths.  The boards come in random lengths from 3’ to 10’ long, with all ends matched with tongue and groove.

Rustic Pine Flooring(™) is available in 4 colours:  Natural, Mocha, Early American and Autumn Pine.

Rustic Pine Flooring™ is a wonderful product that we are proud to carry.  Stunning traditional look.  Modern convenience.  Contact us for more information.