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MuskokatoplessglassrailingCanadaflag Owning a home throughout Northern Ontario in communities like Muskoka and Georgian Bay means that you are surrounded with breathtaking natural views of the water and forests. Imagine sitting on your deck overlooking the bay while being surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. While traditional railings offer safety and are visually appealing, clear glass railings provide the benefit of an unobstructed view of your surroundings, along with superior protection from wind and stormy weather.

To maximize the beautiful views provided by living in Northern Ontario, topless glass railings and clear glass railings cannot be beat. Benefits of glass railings include being extremely durable, as well as requiring much less maintenance than traditional wood railings. Transparent railings allow you to fully take in the breathtaking surroundings without a visual barrier between you and your scenic overlook. They also add a contemporary and elegant look to your home, as well as greatly increase the value of it.

When it comes to railing and railing systems in the Northern Ontario region, Porch to Pier provides a vast array of railing systems to meet the needs of any home or cottage owner, as well as commercial clients.

Our railing selection boasts every type of railing you could ever desire, including aluminum railings, aluminum and glass railings, designer picket railings, and cross glass railings. Porch to Pier’s railing systems offer unparalleled safety and are engineered to meet all building codes throughout Canada.

Benefits of picket and glass railings include being high-quality, maintenance free, and extremely durable. All of our railings are custom fit to meet your personal tastes and requirements. They can be professionally installed, or you may choose to install them yourself, as many customers find themselves surprised by the ease of the process. With the helpful staff at Porch to Pier giving installation advise.

Aluminum railings are available in colonial and basic styles, with glass picket rail, curved picket rail, and straight picket rail options. These railings are constructed of high strength aluminum alloy that will not rust despite any weather conditions.

Another benefit of our railings is that they are highly durable, covered with a polyester powder coating that does not rot, crack, split or peel. The railings are virtually maintenance free with only an occasional wash with soap and water necessary to keep their color and sheen looking as good as the day that they were installed.

Fence and gate railings are available in cast aluminum, ornamental wood, aluminum and wrought iron. All of the fences, gates and railings at Porch to Pier offer the benefits of durability, edge protection and resistance to corrosion.

Contact Porch To Pier in Parry Sound today to find out more about the largest selection of deck railings in the area. There knowledgeable staff will be able to help with all your railing needs. You can also reach us via phone at 705-746-8333, by email at, or stop by our store.