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Turn your screened porch into a 3 season room

During this time of the year, usually when the temperatures begin to warm up and the mountainous snowbanks begin to disappear, homeowners and cottagers alike begin to make plans for the upcoming summer. Whether it is is minor renovations, “sprucing” up, or additions and modifications- we all have a summer agenda!

Frequently, we have customers whom have existing screened in porches or are looking to enclose an area of their property for seasonal enjoyment. The great debate lies between sticking to a traditional screened in ” Muskoka Room” or an upgrade to a WeatherMaster Vinyl Window system to extend the life of your space.

Screened in porches and muskoka rooms are fantastic for warm, sunny days with zero precipitation. They do their job, keeping unwanted critters and insects out of your space BUT they do not protect you from any of the elements such as high winds, rain and snow. Vinyl window systems can be pulled up or pushed down (easily) during any of these not so ideal weather conditions and still allow full use of your room. For the beautiful sunny days, the windows allow for 75% ventilation, or can be easily taken out completely and be put back into place.

An extension of your home or cottage

Not only can these windows be used to replace screens in an existing space, but they can be made into a “Total Room Package” a 3 season extension of your living space. How is this possible? With insulated roofing and floors a SunSpace Sunroom allows you to decorate your room however you’d like. From decking with an area rug, to laminate flooring to waterproof walking systems the insulated floor and roofing systems allow you to close up for the winter with a simple “click”of the window system- keeping your furniture safe for the colder months. No more moving and storing furniture in the spring and fall – sounds like a plus to us!

Weathermaster Windows Strength

Equipped with memory vinyl, Weathermaster windows can be poked, proded, punched and even stood on and they will maintain their integrity. The outer screens that the system is equipped with provide all the benefits of a traditional screened in porch, but with options like UV blocking/solar screens , ” tough” pet screen, and seamless screen. The WeatherMaster Window System also has no moving parts, just a click and they can be removed! If you don’t believe us, here is a shocking video to convince you!

To find out more about Weather Master Windows and Sunspace Sunrooms, visit a sales staff at the showroom today!