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Porch to Pier recently had the privilege of working with the infamous Colin and Justin on their hit television show “Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure”.  As many of you know, Colin and Justin are interior designers that can transform “Blah” space and turn it into “brilliant”. World famous for their design line, television shows, and journalism, Colin and Justin’s brand of brilliance is second to none.

So, as you can imagine, all of us here at Porch to Pier were all a little star struck when Colin and Justin walked through our doors looking for some information on WeatherMaster Vinyl Window Systems and Genstone Faux Stone Siding from Mitten for their latest project, their very own cottage in Muskoka!  To top that off, C&J told us they were filming the renovation for their new show, Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure, featured on Cottage Life Television, and asked us if we were interested in such an opportunity. Of course, we did not hesitate – and thus we embarked on an adventure C&J style!

Lucky for us, we were invited to be on set with Colin and Justin for one of their Cityline segments featuring these fantastic window systems and we got to spend some time on set getting to know Colin, Justin and the other amazing (local!!) contractors and unique product dealers in the Parry Sound/Muskoka area.

For us, this was more than a rare opportunity to have our store featured on a television show, it was an opportunity to stand behind two of our very popular product lines and have them recognized by this dynamic team.

With summer upon us, we would like to Thank Colin, Justin and the team at the Cottage Life Network for providing this opportunity for not only us, but many other local businesses in the area. Muskoka/ Parry Sound is proud to welcome Colin and Justin into our cottage community and once again, our sincerest thank you to this design duo – we are looking forward to your next project, and best wishes for a lovely summer in your beautiful Muskoka cottage!