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Thanks to advances in window design, cleaning and maintaining the windows in your home has never been easier or less time consuming, especially if you have vinyl windows. Since vinyl windows are resistant to flaking and peeling, it’s very simple to keep them looking as clean and shiny as the day that they were installed.

There aren’t any special products needed to clean your vinyl windows. In fact, using a mild dish detergent or ammonia-free glass cleaners along with a soft cloth brings about optimal results. In order to keep your vinyl windows maintained in the best way possible, be sure to check the tracks for dirt or debris that you can sweep out with a small hand-vac or wipe away with a wet rag.

Be certain not to use abrasive cleaners that contain gritty fibers, as they could scratch the glass on the windows and leave behind a film. Other items never to use while cleaning your vinyl windows include metal or razor blades, acetone-based cleaners or nail polish removers, furniture cleaners, or any type of cleaning products containing bleach.

While cleaning the exterior of your vinyl windows, you simply need a soft bristle brush or rag with a long handle and the same cleaning ingredient as you used for the inside of your windows. Never use a pressure-washer while caring for or cleaning your windows; the high pressure could wreak damage to your caulking or crack the framing around it.

Screens can sometimes use a bit of sprucing up, which is also very easy to do. You can use a low-pressure, hand-held vacuum to gently remove any dirt or dust that may have gathered on your screens. For a more thorough cleaning, once a year you could also remove the entire screen and gently wash it with soap and water, then allow it to dry and then place it back in the frame.

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