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The WeatherMaster system allows you to enjoy the feeling of an open air environment with the protection and convenience of an enclosed patio room. You get the safety of tempered glass and the beauty and convenience of tint at no extra charge.

You can see a demonstration of the ease of use of this system, plus an explanation of the value-added tint.

Video transcript:

Today I’m going to show you the vertical 4-track window system that we’re famous for.

This window system has four sections with four different tracks, all independently locked together.

I can go from a completely enclosed room to a completely open screen porch in just seconds. I can then lock and open up the rest of my room in a couple more seconds.

When the weather turns bad, I can turn it back into a three season.

It’s as simple as that.

There’s infinite possibilities in ventilation. You can open it just a crack at the top, a crack at the bottom at the same time for convection airflow. All the way up or all the way down.

The windows pop out real easy for cleaning. Push the to one side, the windows will pop right out, clean them. They’re all the same size, so it doesn’t matter which order you put them in.

It’s just that easy.

The vinyl panels are available in multiple tints.

The benefit of a tint is if the sun is shining in, say you’re facing west, and it’s coming in through the top, you can position it like a pair of sunglasses wherever the sun is shining in. And as the sun sets, you can lower your window.

The look of the tinted panel at the bottom acts as a knee wall from the outside.

When the windows are stacked down form the bottom, they disappear right behind the furniture line.

Visit Porch to Pier in Parry Sound to check out this system, a solid investment for your home or cottage in Georgian Bay/Muskoka.