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According to the NAFS (North American Fenestration Standard) and the 2012 Building code there have been industry wide changes made to the quality requirements of window installations, doors like entry doors, sliding doors or front doors and skylights. NAFS is the new standard in addressing this performance level and it brings together several other Canadian and American fenestration


standards. This makes it easier for you to understand however you still need to learn these changes in order to adjust your budget.

It’s now been called the Harmonized standard in the building code, and it’s named NAFS-08. Now manufactured and pre-assembled windows, doors and skylights and their installations need to conform to NAFS and A440S1 (The Canadian Supplement to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440,NAFS)

It’s important to know that he standard has been changed so that windows, doors and skylights are suited for their conditions and location. The standard focuses on security of the property and the installations themselves.


NAFS harmonizes most of the Canadian and American testing and rating standards, however in Canada installations still need to stand up to the Canadian Supplement. NAFS is a better and more in depth performance testing, rating and labeling system and takes us away from the confusing and complicated systems that were in place previously. There is also a standard for durability testing and many new component specs.

The separate Canadian tables in the NAFS-08 are because not everything can be harmonized in one standard. Air leakage, operating force and water test pressure are still separately tested, and Canada and America have different definitions of what water penetration means.

The new NAFS applies to all installations in exterior buildings and new and replacement products and window installations as well. NAFS does not apply however, to interior products, garage doors, sloped glazing, curtain walls and storefronts, and commercial entrances systems like revolving doors. Also sunrooms, storm prevention fenestration products, and commercial steel doors are not rated by NAFS.

Homeowners might need a new supplier who fully understands these new requirements, and understand themselves why they are paying more for replacement windows and understand the new standards of the fenestration industry. Manufactures must now focus more rigorously on testing and making sure their products fit the new standards. Any new product lines or old product lines must now be tested with the new standards of size, pressure and any other requirements.

The performance ratings on the labels have now been changed to Performance Grade (PG) and bring together the different tests and labels from several ratings including water resistance, and structural resistance. Architects now have to take into account the new changes to double glazed windows and other standards and make sure their designs fit the standards required.

If you are looking for window replacements or double-glazing and it seems that window prices are more costly than it was before then this might be the reason. The labels have changed and there is more rigorous testing. Although it’s more structured and the labels are easier to understand, they now are of the highest safety standard. In the end it’s better for you, more secure for your home and you don’t have to worry about water getting in or any structural problems.

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