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With more open concept floor plans, the look of wood flooring is back in vogue.  However, there are many reasons why wood may not be the best material for your flooring choice, including durability, particularly in high-traffic areas such as kitchens.

A great alternative to wood flooring, with natural hardwood and tile styles, particularly in cottage country, where there EZ Lay-tile-caramel-slateis a higher likelihood of tracking in mud, sand and mud from bare feet and paws, is EZ Lay vinyl flooring.

This product, designed in Canada, for Canadian climates, is constructed with 5 mm of engineered vinyl built on a fiberglass core for strength and stability.  With a ceramic coating, it looks like the real deal, and is guaranteed not to expand, contract, curl, buckle or peel once installed.

EZ Lay Flooring is the ultimate floating floor, as it can be installed right over an existing hard-surface floor, such as laminate, concrete or plywood.

Installation of this great alternative to wood flooring is so easy, that all you need is a knife and a roll of double-sided tape.  A glue adhesive can be used, but is not required.

EZ Lay-almond-crunchWe also love the fact that EZ Lay Flooring is invested in creating eco-friendly solutions. They have chosen to use over 50% recycled materials to re-use available materials. And their products are manufactured under strict environmental guidelines that ensure that only the most advanced technology is used, ensuring that these floors are removable, reusable and recyclable.

Here at Porch to Pier, we have EZ Lay flooring installed right in our Parry Sound store, where you can actually see the durability first-hand, and how well it weathers from thousands of people, including contractors visiting from muddy construction sites.

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