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The exterior of your home is a visual statement that is made over and over again each day to those that pass by your house, as well as to you and your family. Why not make it a beautiful one? The windows of your home often serve as the focal point, and there are several different types of windows to choose from if you are considering replacing the windows in your home or cottage in Northern Ontario.

Replacement windows for your home or cottage can be custom-built to fit into the sizing of your window spaces, or you can have a professional install new windows by remodeling the space for you.

Windows were once made primarily of wood, but now vinyl and even aluminum clad vinyl windows are increasingly popular. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of the materials can help you in making a decision about the type of new construction or replacement window that you might need.

Wood windows are popular because they are incredibly easy to refinish if you want to change the look of your windows and they offer good durability. However, wood windows do require maintenance, as all wood materials do in order to maintain their reliability and appearance. With the exterior of the wood windows being aluminum clad it can keep the interior beauty of wood without the exterior maintenance.

Vinyl windows have great appeal because they provide outstanding insulation, saving you on heating and cooling costs, while the barrier also provides excellent sound reduction from the noises outside of your home. Vinyl windows require little to no maintenance, but are available in limited colors and finishes that aren’t changeable once you’ve selected the color.

The aluminum windows of old were susceptible heat transfer and condensation, but newer modifications have primarily reduced that detraction. Aluminum windows do provide for optimal light sources since the strength of the aluminum supports large pieces of glass. They are also low-maintenance.

As times have changed, so have the different types of windows that are available. Side sliding windows, were usually the go-to window type used in homes and cottages throughout Northern Ontario. But with energy conservation in mind a Casement window offers a far better seal. Glass has also changed a lot with low E and argon gas making the glass insulating values higher, OBC requirement in new builds. With more change coming to the building code for windows, and water penetration of windows and energy ratings it make selection of windows that much more difficult. Some other window styles are becoming incredibly popular are awning, tilt turn and pivoting. Easy clean glass is always a nice feature that can be included in some windows.

Choosing the best type of window for your home renovation can be difficult, but rest assured that the window professionals at Porch to Pier can assist you in selecting the correct style for your project. They will consider the scope of your project, if you’d like to replace all of your windows, the style of your home and many other factors like energy efficiency, frames and your vision for what you’d like your home to look like. If you are replacing existing windows in your home or cottage it is always best practice to completely remove the old window before put in the new windows.

Whether you need one window or to replace all of the windows in your home or cottage, you can count on the professionals at Porch To Pier in Parry Sound to assist you. Stop by our store to discuss your window replacement needs in the Muskoka or Georgian Bay region. You can also contact Porch To Pier at 705-746-8333 or on the web at