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If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to add texture and character to your home, faux stone panels are a definite solution that you should consider. Additional benefits of using faux stone to remodel or renovate your home include simple installation and long- term durability, making it a favorite product of home renovation experts and do-it- yourselfer’s everywhere.

Available in virtually any simulated natural texture like fieldstone, slate, brick, concrete, faux stone also provides nearly maintenance free upkeep and is also considered eco- friendly.

Professional contractors and do-it-yourself home owners throughout Muskoka and Georgian Bay cite the benefits of the simple, mortarless installation process of faux stone and some cultured stone products. The ease of installation along with the durability and price point of these products make them extremely appealing and a favorite way to add character and appeal without breaking your budget.

Faux stone is created in such a way that even the most discerning eye can have difficulty telling it apart from real stone. Additionally, faux stone doesn’t require a lot of time or effort for installation, thereby also eliminating costs associated with installing real stone.

Another wonderful benefit of faux stone is that you can use it anywhere, both indoors or outdoors for your home renovation projects it doesn’t require extra support the laid stone would. You never have to worry about it fading, cracking, or needing much upkeep. Faux stone also has an extremely long lifespan, providing you with a unique look and feel that will last for years.

Since it is manufactured, faux stone is extremely lightweight and simple to handle. It isn’t heavy or difficult to lift like genuine stone. Within a matter of hours, you can install faux stone panels to immediately boost the appearance of a room, cover unsightly walls and greatly increase the value of your home.

Porch To Pier in Parry Sound can help you add a luxurious look and feel to your home or cottage in Muskoka or Georgian Bay with our extensive variety of faux stone and cultured stone products. Our faux stone products also offer the perfect complement to any cottage garage, patio enclosure or commercial office throughout the Parry Sound region.

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